OEM Headlight Restore

Polycarbonate UV Protective Clear Coat


Professional UV Protective

Headlight Clear Coat

OEM Headlight Restore UV Protective Clear Coat is developed for headlights and for the professional user. Our polycarbonate protective clear coat has plastic adhesion properties, UV stabilizers, is chemical resistant, scratch resistant, and non-yellowing. It is easily applied for any operator.

OEM Headlight Restore Clear Coat lasts many years and the process takes approximately 45 minutes from start to finish with a 20-minute curing time. Our clear coat prevents headlights from discolouring for many years.

Headlight Clear Coat
Headlight Clear Coat

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Clear Coat For Headlights

Easily Applied

Polycarbonate Headlight UV Protection

OEM Headlight Restore polycarbonate headlight UV Protective Clear Coat is easily applied for any operator. With most technicians charging upwards of $200, depending on the vehicle.

With ongoing technical support from our team, any operator can add headlight restoration as a service provided by your current business. With the cost of new replacement headlights plus fitting costs, becoming more expensive, it is fast becoming too expensive for the average consumer to replace their headlights. This opens up the opportunity for headlight restoration to be offered as a service with a warranty and great profit margins.

Why Use OEM Headlight Restore

UV Clear Coat For Headlights

Headlight Restoration that lasts

Whether you operate a car detailing business or mechanical workshop, OEM Headlight Restores Clear Coat will return the headlights back to a factory condition lasting years for your customers.

Alternate to replacing headlights

With replacement headlights costing anywhere between hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars per vehicle to replace, in addition to fitting costs, the consumer is seeking restoration alternatives.

Headlight Restoration done right

Most operators offering headlight restoration, buff and polish headlights. This method only lasts months and does not last as long as a cured protective hard coat applied to the lens.

Get the edge on your competitors

Get the edge on your competition by offering headlight restoration as a service, using our product that will last years and is applied using the correct method.

Headlight Clear Coat Spray

That Lasts Years In Australias Harsh Conditions

Sprayed on headlight clear coat

Professional use polycarbonate UV protective clear coat

OEM Headlight Restore Clear Coat is sprayed on which inevitably is a thicker coat compared to inferior wiped-on products such as ceramics. Wiped-on products are applied thinly and are not developed for polycarbonate substrates.

OEM Headlight Restore Clear Coat returns headlights to as new with the same clarity as if off the showroom floor, straight off the gun. This is how headlight manufacturers apply a UV protective coat to the lens to prevent discolouration and polycarbonate degradation.